Northern Graphite Corporation

Financial Advisors, Investment Advisors, Analysts, and Institutional Portfolio Managers are cordially invited to attend a presentation for: Corporate Presentation In Vancouver
Jul 18, 2017 - 1:00 PM PDT
Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver (Room: Seasons) - 791 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Northern is a graphite development and battery technology company whose Bissett Creek deposit is located in eastern Canada.  Bissett Creek provides a natural competitive advantage in the lithium ion battery field as it has a  high  percentage  of  battery  grade  material,  a  high  yield  on  the  conversion  of  mine  concentrate  to  anode material,  and  a  pristine,  highly  ordered  crystal  structure  that  results  in  less  costly  purification  and  higher capacity batteries. The Company is leveraging these advantages with proprietary, environmentally sustainable coating  and  purification  technologies  to  make  better  and  lower  cost  anode  materials  and  to  replace  the environmentally damaging practices currently used in their manufacture.  

Bissett Creek is an advanced stage project that has a Feasibility Study and its major environmental permit.  The Bissett  Creek  project  has  good  location/infrastructure,  a  high  percentage  of  large/XL/XXL  flake,  a  reasonable capital  cost  and  the  highest  operating  margin  of  any  proposed  graphite  project.  Because  of  Chinese  supply issues and the continued rapid growth in new uses such as lithium ion batteries, new western sources of supply will be needed, particularly for large/XL /XXL flake graphite