Northern Superior Resources Inc.

Financial Advisors, Investment Advisors, Analysts, and Institutional Portfolio Managers are cordially invited to attend a presentation for: Corporate Presentation In Toronto
Sep 14, 2017 - 12:00 PM EDT
One King West Hotel & Residence (Melinda Gallery) - 1 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Northern Superior is a junior mineral exploration company focussed on exploring for gold on the Canadian Shield, specifically within the provinces of Ontario and Québec. The Company identifies exploration opportunities from its vast geoscientific data base, advances them through to discovery, with the intention of ultimately optioning, joint venturing or selling the asset. Management has always taken the position of staking large tracks of ground where possible. This affords the opportunity to assess a potential mineralized system thoroughly, subsequently shedding any ground that is deemed barren and/or of no further interest to explore.

Northern Superior is currently focussed on developing two of its more advanced, and 100% owned key assets: (1) Croteau Est located in west- central Québec; and (2) Ti-pa- haa-kaa- ning (TPK) in northwestern Ontario.