Renmark Virtual Non-Deal Roadshow: TSX - CXB | OTCQX - CXBMF

Financial Advisors, Investment Advisors, Analysts, and Institutional Portfolio Managers are cordially invited to attend a presentation for: Corporate Presentation In New York
Feb, 8, 2021 - 12:00 PM EST
- , New York, New York

Calibre Mining has an exceptional and diverse group of people focused on responsible business and value creation for its shareholders. When a diverse group of experienced and creative professionals with an aligned goal come together, there is a direct correlation to a successful outcome. At Calibre Mining, our Board of Directors and management have an aligned goal, our team has extensive experience safely leading senior mining companies, creating billions of shareholder wealth and have succeeded in discovering, expanding, developing and producing millions of profitable ounces of gold worldwide. 
We embrace change and innovation to help create an aligned team in order to outperform not only our peers but various financial products available in the marketplace today. We are fully invested and aligned with our shareholders - we have over $10 million invested in Calibre. Calibre Mining is a multi-asset gold producer focused on execution and building sustainable value for our shareholders, communities we operate in, and all stakeholders.