Investor Relations - Institutional

Our Institutional Initiatives

Renmark partners with management teams that seek access to our investor network for the benefit of accelerating growth through repositioning; achieving institutional improvement; realizing scale benefits through shareholder rotation; and to achieve a leading market position within the peer group.

Institutional ownership enhances long-term share price, trading volume and market visibility. Renmark’s quantitative institutional investor research compares the investment decisions of over 20,000 North American portfolios to your company’s investment characteristics, then, using an exclusive, success-proven procedure, targets those most likely to take a long-term position in your Company’s stock.

Our Investors

Our institutional investors generally invest between $1 million to $50 million per company. Additionally, our investors will participate in making direct investments into our portfolio companies.

Our institutional universe includes a variety of investment styles including: Growth, GARP, Aggressive Growth, Hedge, Value, Specialty and Sector Specific, ideally with low to moderate turnover. Our primary institutional investor has assets under management of $1-20 billion.

Our Approach
  • Partnership Orientation – The foundation of our approach is to create enduring partnerships with outstanding management teams. We understand that the most important asset of any business is the quality of its people. For this reason, we are focused on partnering with proven teams that share our commitment to growth.
  • Value Creation through Growth – We believe that the primary driver of value creation in our portfolio will be through the growth of EBITDA or operating earnings. Our Institutional investors are attracted to companies where there is not only a history of profitable growth, but a defined catalyst for growth in the future. In addition to organic growth, we expect acquisitions to play a key role in the strategic initiatives of our portfolio companies.
  • Integrity and Commitment – Renmark’s investment professionals will make a significant time commitment to every portfolio company. This further strengthens our commitment to the success of every portfolio company and ensures that our interests are aligned with our management partners. In addition, we expect our management partners to not only share our commitment to growth and value-creation, but to maintain the highest standards of integrity.
Our Team
  • Our team is comprised of highly experienced investment professionals that have expertise across multiple industries worldwide. Our experience allows us to provide management support for the long-term objectives of our partners.
  • Our team understands that every business is different. We work closely with management to fully understand the long-term strategic initiatives of the business in order to develop an opportunity that is specifically designed around each company’s unique circumstances and growth perspectives.
  • Our team is a value-add to existing sell-side analysts and their corporate access departments.
  • The goal of our team is to provide consistency and frequency of investment returns for our institutional investors. We seek to minimize volatility through our diligent fundamental research. Companies with favorable fundamental trends tend to be successful companies that will provide favorable long-term investment returns.